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Ants Pest Control

Ants Are More Than Just A Nuisance

Del Valle Pest Control knows that ants can be irritating and cause harm to your home and family. Although most ants found in the home are harmless nuisances, the large black Carpenter ants and the tiny Pharaoh ant can become more of a serious problem. Carpenter ants cause structural damage to your home, while Pharaoh ants are persistent and very difficult to control. As they hunt for food, a single ant can lead the colony to invade your home.

The only way to completely rid the home of ant infestation is to find the nest and remove the queen. Del Valle Pest Control are the trained professionals that can effectively exterminate ants from your home.

Ants Pest Control-Basic Guide Solution for Ants

To control ants in a structure, there are four basic rules to follow:

  1. Identify the ant or ants
  2. Perform thorough inspection
  3. Determine where the ant colonies are located
  4. Treat the ant colonies directly

Because it is not always possible to find where the ant colony is located, bait insecticides can be effective.
For permanent control, trained pest control experts are recommended!
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