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Bat Control

General Bat Control Overview

Del Valle Pest Control in the Rio Grande Valley removes bats from commercial and residential properties,
homes and businesses. We humanely remove bats and release them to live and thrive in their natural habitat.
Bats will leave their roost at dusk for a night of flight and eating. They help the environment by eating millions of insects that are often harmful to human beings. They carry seeds and help in pollinating flowers that benefit our ecosystem and environment.

For this purpose, bat exclusion is as much about protecting your business, family, home and your community, as it is about protecting the bats. In order to understand how we can protect the bats, as well as protect you and your property against the potential harm from rabies and disease, we provide free inspections and will send one of our experts to advice and explain the Bat Control procedure.

However, while bats are important and beneficial creatures, they can become a nuisance if they roost in your home. Bat droppings or guano can carry harmful diseases which can cause serious problems in humans. Additionally, bats may carry rabies, which can be transmitted to humans through a bite or scratch.Bats can cause damage to your home’s structure, including insulation, wiring, and roofing, which can be costly to repair.

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