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Flea and Tick Treatment

Do you like spending time outdoors during the summer with your friends and family? One thing is for certain, while you are out there enjoying the awesome outdoors,

fleas and ticks may be out there too and they are just waiting around for a delicious blood meal. Fleas and ticks are known to cause distress and be a nuisance among pet lovers and occasionally residents occupying new homes, where animals or birds have previously resided. Moving to a new home requires comprehensive vacuum cleaning. This cleaning is necessary before any effective residual insecticidal action is performed on the property. All areas of the property should be treated, as well as, soft fittings and curtains too. If you have pets showing signs of current infestation, you should visit your pet’s veterinarian for such cases.

Flea and Tick Treatment-Why you ought to be worried about ticks?

Ticks are responsible for the transmission of several diseases to both animals and humans. Ticks spread an extensive array of disease-causing viruses. When feeding on human blood, they can transmit diseases like Tick Paralysis; Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and more.
Del Valle Pest Control comes as a leading provider of flexible pest control solutions suitable for any size fleas and ticks infestation. Whether it is a one-time service or General treatment, kindly contact Del Valle Pest Control at
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One of the pests what we should never have at home, office, farms, among other work places, are fleas and ticks. They are so small most go unnoticed by the human eye and we tend to only notice them when they have assaulted us or our animals.

Their extermination does not come easy with any home products or remedy that you can think of. Since, they tend to spread everywhere in your home because they multiply by the thousands and hide in the smallest places of a building.

Del Valle Pest Control has specialized personnel that focuses on this type of pest. We eliminate them in a thorough and professional manner using only the right home-friendly products, which are child and pet safe.

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