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By having pests in they can ruin the very reputation of the name you’ve worked so hard to build. All it takes is one pest sighting to compromise the sanitary conditions, damage reputations, disgust your customers, and possibly result in fines from state health regulators.

Our company understands each business is different and requires different methods of pest control. Whether your business is a restaurant, doctor’s office or hotel, our expert professionals have the knowledge and experience to rid your business of pesky, unwanted pests, regardless of the business you’re in.

Don’t give dirty pests the chance to compromise your name or business, call the best Pest Control in McAllen at 956-433-3348 today!

Commercial Buildings and Structures

Almost all of the structures built today are at risk of being attacked by wood-destroying pests such as termites, wood-boring beetles, or mold and mildew. Wood is still the most inexpensive, versatile, and extensively used building material. Del Valle Pest Control has been in the business for more than 25 years combating wood-destroying insects and protecting real estate values that might have been hurt by infestations.

Buildings are also susceptible to outdoor pest contamination and infestation. Outdoor pests like rodents and ants can invade buildings, wandering into facilities through infested products or non-consumable materials such as;

  • Card board boxes
  • Paper products
  • Insulation materials
  • Wooden crates and pallets

Rodents Control

Rats and mice living and feeding outside may enter buildings seeking shelter whenever changes in weather occur.
Problems associated with rodents:

  • Spread disease
  • Contaminate stored products
  • Damage property

Rodents can cause damage to food intended for humans either by consumption or contamination with feces and urine. Rodents are capable of spreading many human pathogens (disease causing germs).

Damage made by rodents can also extend to electrical wiring and plumbing, translating into costly structural damage repairs.

At Del Valle Pest Control, our experts use the process of Exclusion. Exclusion consists of placing barriers at possible entry points and removing clutter and other conditions conducive to rodent infestations. The process of exclusion is just one of the methods being used today with great success.

Ants Control

The presence of ants is known to be a nuisance and in a commercial setting can have an impact on the safety and marketability of products.

Commercial Pest Control Services at Del Valle Pest Control

Ants find their way into commercial kitchens and production areas making the risk of food becoming contaminated by ants a real possibility.

They invade hospitals and other medical facilities where many infectious organisms are present, (because of their size) they are capable of crawling on infected surfaces and enter sterile environments. In turn, they may transmit germs to patients and the faculty. Ants are even capable of nesting in delicate and expensive medical equipment which could result in costing the facility large sums of money and referrals.

Commercial Pest Control Services-Company’s Reputation

With ever increasing government regulations, and adverse publicity from product recalls, your company’s reputation could be at stake.

Here at Del Valle Pest Control in McAllen, we are taking a stand to secure your commercial business from health threatening pests and unwanted disease. Armed with more than 25 years experience we will customize a pest control program that fits your budget. Your company’s safety is our Priority. Call (956)433-3348 for more information.

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