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Termites Control

Pests such as termites are known as “silent destroyers” since they can destroy your home internally without you noticing. Termites will build a colony which include the workers, soldiers and mature reproductive adults who are the queen and kings. They will work day and night feeding through your home. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage.What types of termites make up a colony?

  • Eggs – cared for by workers during a two-week incubation period before passing into the nymph stage. Nymphs – mature into one of the four termite castes.
  • Workers – represents most of the termites in a colony. They are blind, sterile and they forage for the colony’s food. Worker termites also cause the most damage to your home.
  • Soldiers – have armored heads and extremely strong jaws. They protect the colony from invasion of enemies such as ants.
  • Supplementary Reproductives – act as replacements for the Queen if she should die. They may also produce eggs even if the Queen is healthy to help increase the colony.
  • Winged Reproductives – the termites you may see when they “swarm,” usually in the spring, signaling a well developed colony. After shedding their wings, reproductives pair off, burrow into the soil and begin a new colony.
  • The Queen – occupies a “royal cell” with the King. The queen can live up to 25 years, laying thousands of eggs annually.

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Termites Control

Termites record maximum visibility during swarming season. This period is where the reproductive swarmers arise from a different colony, usually in a dark cloud, to start their reproductive procedure. The swarms of a termite are regularly confused as flying ants. The presence of termites in any property can go unnoticed until the appearance of damages. In such cases, a colony may be detected from close examination.

Termites Control-Even though subterranean termites live within colonies in the soil, they make food from wood and other cellulose material like cardboard, fiberboard, and paper. The blind termites called ‘workers’ make their way into properties through very tiny cracks to source for food before returning to their colony.

The feeding process of termites leads to damages and losses running into millions of dollars yearly in the U.S.A. Presently, Termite control in Rio Grande Valley remains a big issue for property owners as they possess a year-round menace to woods. Termites in any home or property can lead to untold damages or losses within the structure. This damages from termites could result in owners making expensive repairs.

To sufficiently protect your family and property from termite infestation, it is best to get a 24/7 protection system alongside regular checkups from a trusted pest control service provider. That is why you need Del Valle Pest Control. We provide exceptional termite control services irrespective of whether or not you have found any damage.

Del Valle Pest Control offers comprehensive Rio Grande Valley termite control services to protect families, homes, and treasured properties. Del Valle Pest Control comes as a leading provider of flexible pest control solutions suitable for any size termite infestation. Whether it is a one-time service or General treatments, kindly contact Del Valle Pest Control via

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