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Pests and Pets

Protect your Pets from Pests

Make sure to protect your pets from pests-Are fire ants, fleas, and ticks causing discomfort to your adored furry friend? Do not let these annoying critters dampen your pet’s mood.

Nothing is more worrying than seeing your pet scratch at that tenacious itch. We provide thorough and professional pest control services that are designed to stop the troublesome pests affecting your pets and stopping them in their tracks.

Call the professionals at Del Valle Pest Control to get rid of these pesky pests from your home, property, or yard. We work around your schedule!

We’ve been protecting the Rio Grande Valley from pests for over 10 years!

Del Valle Pest Control understands residents of Texas will sooner or later require pest control services. Whenever this happens, it is vital to act quickly, as these critters can make their way into your homes and hide in the tiniest of places. Once these pests are inside, they can potentially transmit bacteria through their droppings, which can trigger a lot of health problems for you and your family including your pets. The best solution to apply is seeking professional pest control services. Protect your Pets from Pests.

We are a leading provider of flexible pest control solutions throughout the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas. Whether it is a one-time service or general treatment, kindly contact Del Valle Pest Control via

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We are always ready to help as soon as possible!!

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