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5 Facts that You Need to Know About Opossums


Facts About Opposums

Growing up in the 956 or RGV you might have heard the word Tlacuaches. Everyone in the valley might have a different idea of what that word defines. Commonly known as Opossums, they are the only marsupial native to North America. Living in the RGV you might have spotted these rat-like animals everywhere-in the street, backyard, school, park, or at the Plaza Mall, they are literally everywhere. At Del Valle Pest Control, we take care of any pests for you. Our technicians have removed hundreds and hundreds of opossums around the Valley. However, it is important to know that our team only removes opossums and returns them to their natural habitat. As opossums handlers ourselves, we want everyone to learn more about these funny creatures found near us. So What do you need to know about opossums?

  • They have Strong and Impressive Tails
    These creatures have such strong tails that they are able to hold the opossum’s weight. Their tails allow them to grasp and wrap themselves around trees or other structures.
  • Most of the time, these furry animals, gravitate toward water since they are great swimmers and they use it to escape from predators. At the same time, this is why you want to keep all the openings around your home or garage sealed or closed. Additionally eliminate any food sources, place your food or waste inside trash bags before disposal, and get rid of shelter for the possums by keeping the outside of your home tidy.
  • Like other animals, opossums play dead whenever they feel threatened. This is an involuntary response that their body does, it is like fainting for humans. During this stage, the animal becomes stiff and basically looks dead. At times, saliva may form around the opossum’s mouth.
  • Professional books, textbooks and encyclopedias refer to the animal as opossum, however as someone is casually speaking they use the work possum. Possum refers to pretend to “play dead”, something very common that opossums do. In other parts of the world, like in Australia, it is more common for people to call the animals possum.
  • For over decades, the RGV has become a blend of cultures between Mexico and the USA. 94% of the population is hispanic or latino and more than 90% speak both Spanish and English. Thanks to this blend of cultures has allowed the word “Tlacuache” to become one of our cultural words that refer to the opossum animal and to young teenagers.
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  • By following these tips, you can help to prevent Possums from entering your home and ruining your summer. Prevent Summer Pests today and contact our experts in bugs.

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