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mosquito control

Why are there so many mosquitoes on my backyard?

Mosquito Control is necessary if your backyard is sworn with mosquitoes. Your backyard and patio areas can be your oasis… a place to entertain and enjoy friends, hold family gatherings or to savor the rare moment when your own personal solitude has priority over the rest of the world. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your special moment.

These annoying insects not only bite but, are capable of spreading harmful diseases. Their unique high-pitched whine, as they buzz around your head, is almost as aggravating as their bite; except for the fact that the skin piercing, and subsequent blood sucking will leave a whelp that will itch for days. The worst part is that sometimes bug repellent is not enough to get rid of annoying mosquitoes.

Only adult female mosquito’s bite. Female mosquitoes need the protein in the blood to produce eggs. Not all species of mosquito’s bite humans – some species prefer birds, large mammals, or even snakes. During the aquatic stages of its life a mosquito feeds on algae and other small organic matter.

It is also important to remember that mosquitoes are not the only small flying insect that bites! Other small and biting insects are commonly mistaken for mosquitoes, including midges, and black flies. To eliminate this annoying pest, get a mosquito control service and call the experts at Del Valle Pest Control.

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We understand that is difficult to have outdoor activities when you are constantly being bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes prevent you to have a fun time with your family and friends. At Del Valle Pest Control we have a solution for every problem.
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