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Why you should hire a local pest control?

local pest control

Reak Orkin Customer

Local pest control companies are better than bigger companies according to a real testimony of consumer affairs. A customer said the following: “Orkin bought out my local pest control company after five happy years. After two months, I receive a bill from Orkin for annual contract renewal, $130 on 1/30/2012. On 2/6, I sent a check. On 2/11, I call Orkin office and they advise that check is sent to a different branch. I call Orkin on 2/28 and I was told someone will call. On 3/1, I call again. I was told they have check and it’s in process. On 3/21, I call again. I was told Jordan will inspect my home on 3/27 at 10 am to 12 noon.”

The testimony of this customer is evidence of how inefficiently large pest control companies work compared to local ones.

“Then on 3/27, tech does not show or call. Later, I calle the office again and decide that this company never does what they say and I ask for the check to get returned. I was told check was to be mailed same day. On 3/29, no check arrived. I calle the office. They still have check. I drove to the office and got the check. I cancel the contract. I’ll leave it up to you. But when you can’t even get a company to accept payment after almost two months of trying, chances are they won’t perform well. Unbelievable incompetence! One of the main reasons why you should have a local pest control is this, you don’t want a national company when your problem is local.”

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Del Valle Pest Control serves the Valley of Rio Grande for more than 25 years, from Laredo to South Padre Island and all South Texas including Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. We understand the way we have to treat our local customers, with respect and dignity. Since we are local we are guarantee you will problems resolved easily and effectively.  We are local. (956)433-3348

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