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Good times for Home Inspection For Termites.

Termite Season in South TexasAround this time in South Texas, change of weather from hot to cold, from dry to wet, means termite season. This past year has reportedly been one of the busier termite swarm seasons for pest control companies. If you experience a flight of dark, winged insects with bodies just over 1/8-inch long, don’t ignore them. They could be a sign of termites attacking your home. At Del Valle Pest Control we know how to take care of the problem. We are the “terminator”. Contact the McAllen pest control company of Del Valle Pest Control for a Home Inspection For Termites at (956) 433-3348 to get a free inspection Now.

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Termites are very common in the Rio Grande Valley because of the warm and humid climate conditions. Many residents of the Valley think they don’t have termites because they are very tiny and hard to identify. These pests are hard to identify because they live in between the walls of your home and underground. Some of the signs of termite activity are small mounds or dirt tunnels. Termites build elaborate tunnel systems so that they can access food sources. The termites that build these tunnels are called subterranean termites. However, there are other types of termites called Drywood termites. These termites live within the wood they consume and oftentimes infest walls and furniture.

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