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Excessive bird nesting around your property can cause considerable types of damage to your building, equipment and facilities, which is why bird-proofing your building or home is a smart choice. Call Del Valle Pest Control, serving in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas for over 10 years! (956)433-3348

Why solve your bird problem?

There are several very good reasons to consider bird-proofing your building or home:

  • Physical damage from acidic droppings to buildings, equipment and facilities can cause considerable damage.

    A negative image is presented to your customers when buildings or walkways become littered with nesting debris, birds and droppings.

Cost of Cleanup

  • Regular cleaning or maintenance can add up to thousands of dollars in just a year or two.

Slip and Fall Risk

  • Droppings on walkways can be very slippery, presenting a dangerous potential for “slip and fall” accidents and lawsuits.

Health Risk

  • Pest birds can spread over 60 diseases to humans and animals such as salmonella, histoplasmosis, and meningitis. The West Nile Virus is passed from sick birds by mosquitoes.

Clogged Drains

  • Nesting materials in electrical equipment can start fires. On roofs it can clog drains and gutters, causing heavy overflow onto the roof-top that can cause leaks and, in extreme cases, collapses.

Inventory Damage

  • Birds roosting above inventory can render the product un-shippable, or worse, may require disposal.


Skilled workers will normally refuse to work on equipment or facilities contaminated with bird droppings.
The Harlingen bird and nesting control company want to help you create a safe environment for your family or customers. Contact Del Valle Control at 956-433-3348 for more information.

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